Brief History Of Gravel Springs Lutheran Church

Written By: David Brill

Records indicate that in April of 1842, 18 citizens of Star Tannery, VA , meet in Dry Run Schoolhouse to worship their Lord and Savior under the leadership of Reverend William Shepperson officiating. Reverend Shepperson was doing missionary work in Wardensville, WV and Dry Run while serving Hebron Lutheran  Church at Intermont, West Virginia. Reverend Shepperson baptized at least 18 parishioners while serving Dry Run.

After Reverend Shepperson’s assignment was completed, Reverend John J. Richard  served the congregation which had grown in number. It was under his guidance that he and his wife, Lydia saw the need of a new and larger church.  Reverend Richard and his wife decided to deeded an acre of land to the Trustees of the church. The men of the congregation organized and within a year, the present church was built an at the cost of 585.75.  The new church was dedicated November 25, 1849 and named Gravel Springs Evangelical Lutheran Church after the numerous springs located on the adjoining property.

The church building remains basically unchanged with the exception of an addition of the chancel with beautiful stained glass windows and the windows in the sanctuary were added during the 1930’s.   The educational wing was added in 1960. The crowing jewel, the steeple, was gifted and added, in May of 1995.

The congregation has been blessed with many wonderful ministers whose photos appear on the “WALL OF MINISTERS” in the Educational Building including our present Minister, Sonya Williams-Giersch.